Portable Mini Sealing Machine

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Portable Mini Sealing Machine


Color: Gray, Brown
Material: Plastic
Power supply: 2 x AA batteries (not included)
Size: about 4*3.5*14.4cm


1) Please use the Alkaline battery, or it can not use properly.

2) Do not worry about the battery using, cause of it has the design of automatic disconnection after release.

3) Do not use it for heating more than 3 minutes at a time, and use it at intervals of 3-5minutes after each use.

4) This item suitable for plastic bags of PE/PP/PVC, etc. Attention the pure paper bags and aluminum foil packaging bag are not suitable.

5) The moving speed of the seal depends on the thickness of the plastic bag, the thinner you need to seal quickly, otherwise, it will break easily. The thick ones need to seal slowly, or they won’t be sealed.

6) Please scrape off the residual on the heating set for the better sealing effect.

7) Please replace the battery in time when the power is insufficient.

8) Please remove the battery when not in use for a long time.

9) Please don’t use hard or sharp items to insert in the heating film of the sealing area, to avoid damaging the bag heat sealer.

10) Please keep this bag heat sealer away from children’s touching.

11) To avoid any defect, please keep the bag heat sealer clean and dry; once getting moisture, please dry it with a cloth in time.

12) After using the battery, you do not need to remove the battery, but you need to hook the hook back.

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